About The Cause Of Rattling From A Garage Door & Getting It Fixed

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About The Cause Of Rattling From A Garage Door & Getting It Fixed

3 August 2015
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Are you tired of the rattling noises from the garage door each time it is opened or closed? There are a few specific things that you should attempt troubleshooting before spending money on a new garage door. Find out below what parts of a garage door can lead to it making noises, as well as an estimate of what you will have to pay for a new one.

Which Areas of a Garage Door Can Cause Rattling Noises?

Rattling noises can occur when the garage door is not moving up and down the tracks smoothly. The brackets that mount the tracks to the wall may be the reason for the problem. You can troubleshoot the brackets by inspecting them for loose screws. Loose screws can easily be tightened if you have the right kind of screwdriver.

Another area of the door that should be inspected for loose screws is the roller hinges. When the roller hinges are not secured to the door, the rollers can wiggle each time that the door moves, which can be noisy. Tightening the screws in the hinges may be a sufficient enough repair to get rid of the noise.

The tracks can also cause rattling form the garage door if they are not in good shape. For instance, the tracks can become dented from not being secured the right way. The dents interfere with how well the rollers are able to travel on the tracks. Oil and dirt can also accumulate on the tracks and lead to rattling noises, but they can easily be cleaned with warm water and the household detergent of your choice. If none of the garage door parts are in bad shape, it is possible that the garage door is bent up and need to be replaced.

What Does it Cost to Replace a Damage Garage Door?

You can get a garage door that is constructed out of aluminum or low quality wood for no more than $400 to $700. A steel garage door is estimated at up to $1,200. If you want a high-quality wooden garage door, you should plan on spending $1,200 or more. Customized wooden garage doors will be on the highest end of the scale.

You don't have to deal with the embarrassment of a rattling garage door. Speak to a contractor to get your garage door inspected and find out if a repair or replacement is the solution to the problem!

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