Four Ways To Reduce Heating Bills In A Small Convenience Store

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Four Ways To Reduce Heating Bills In A Small Convenience Store

4 February 2016
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If you own and operate a small convenience store, you know how hard it can be to keep up with heating bills. In order to minimize your heating bills (so you can turn more of a profit), consider employing one or more of these tips.

Say goodbye to the automatic doors.

Automatic doors are a popular modern touch, but they're not a great choice if you're trying to conserve heat. The doors stay open for a little while after someone walks through them, letting your warm air escape. A simple swinging door, mounted on self-closing hinges, is a more energy-efficient choice. Depending on local regulations, you may need to have button installed so that disabled individuals can have the door open automatically. However, this will just be a small fraction of your customers using that button, rather than everyone.

Hang curtains over large glass panels.

Does your convenient store have large glass windows or panels near the door? While these may make your store look friendly and inviting in milder weather, they're a huge source of heat loss in the winter. Mount a curtain rod above the big glass panels, and hang some thick, insulating curtains. This will trap any chilliness that seeps through the glass so it can't infiltrate your store and raise your heating bills. You could also contact a local glass window provider, such as Access Door & Glass Inc, for more information about finding heat-efficient glass.

Make a "closed door" policy for when you receive shipments.

When shipments of new products come in, do you or your employees prop the door open as you bring in load after load of items? A lot of heat will escape during this time! Have a second person on hand when shipments come in. This person can stand by the door, opening it and closing it as you come through with loads of items. This way, you have an easy time getting through the door and it also stays closed most of the time, letting in less heat.

If you won't be present when a shipment arrives, make sure any employees know to keep the door closed during shipments.

Say "no" to open chest freezers.

When purchasing freezers and coolers for your store, choose the kind with doors. The open-style freezers, while convenient for customers, counteract your heater and raise your heating bills. If a vendor brings in their own cooling units, make sure you request a closed freezer or cooler. Most vendors have both types on hand, but they may not know to bring a closed one unless you specifically request it.