3 Tips For Making Your Vacation Home More Secure With A New Door

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3 Tips For Making Your Vacation Home More Secure With A New Door

27 July 2016
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If you own a vacation home and are worried about the security involved in keeping the home secure, it's a good idea to start with the front door. Taking a look at what changes can be made when replacing the front door can help make the home much more secure, giving you peace of mind when you're not able to be at the home for a decent part of the year. If you're unsure of what features to look for when replacing the door, consider some of the following tips.

Make Sure the Door Has a Solid-Wood Core

Doors designed to be used for the front door can vary greatly in how they look, making it important to pay close attention to the design of the doors and the materials involved. If you're worried about the front door being too easy to break into, look into choosing only doors that have a solid wood core. While solid wood doors are typically best altogether since they will be much more sturdy against break-ins, it's at least important to stick with a door that has a secure core.

Avoid Glass Inserts in the Door

While glass inserts can look beautiful when present in the front door, it can often get in the way of making the front of your home secure. Glass inserts can be in the form of small window panels that give a view towards the outdoors or even slits in the side of the doors. Instead of focusing only on the aesthetic appeal of these features, it's a good idea to avoid them altogether since they can be potentially dangerous.

If you want to add some aesthetic detail to the front door, look into different colors instead, rather than using glass at all due to how easily it can be broken into.

Don't Forget About the Importance of a Deadbolt

While you've already spent some time choosing the right locks for the front door of your vacation home, you shouldn't forget about the importance of a deadbolt. Installed directly into the door and the wall, a deadbolt can go a long way towards making the front of your home more secure. With the deadbolt installed after the door has been picked out and installed in your home, you'll have much more peace of mind that your home will be harder to break into.

As you look into what sets apart the different doors that can be installed for your vacation home, it's important that you look for features that will make your home more secure. For more information, contact professionals like Southern Specialty Corporation.