Reasons To Get A Replacement Entry Door

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Reasons To Get A Replacement Entry Door

14 May 2020
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The front door plays a lot of important roles. It's often the main point of entry. The entry door greets visitors when they first approach the house. It's also a focal point in your house's façade. The entry door will fail at these roles if it's not in good repair. Below are some reasons to consider a new entry door.

Door Is Drafty

Homeowners typically want to save on their utility bills. That savings will be difficult if their conditioned air is seeping out through the entry door while the outside air seeps in. Your HVAC system will have to work harder to return your interior to the desired temperature. A new door, with insulation and fresh weatherstripping, will prevent such an occurrence.

You Can Get Tax Credits

When you look at the cost of a new door and its installation, that price isn't static. As indicated above, you should see savings in your energy bills. However, the savings don't end there. According to Consumer Reports, homeowners who replace a door with one that meets Energy Star standards will be eligible for a tax credit relevant to the door price.

Door Is Dilapidated

Your front door has a big impact on your house's curb appeal. If it's weathered and worn, passersby will see that fact clearly. Damage such as peeling paint, chips, and dents make a door look rundown. The dilapidated door will reflect badly on the rest of the house no matter how nice your siding or landscaping is. By contrast, a new entry door can boost your house's curb appeal.

You Have Trouble Opening and Closing the Door

Doors can become unbalanced in their frame. Their parts can also stop working properly. The door might even be warped. When these things happen, the door can be difficult to open and close. Such an unreliable door can be annoying when you're going about your daily business. Even worse, an unreliable door can be a hazard if you're trying to make an emergency escape.

Door Has Broken Parts

The hinges failing is one of the reasons a door can start to sag in its frame. A bigger issue is when the lockset breaks. The doorknob might fail to turn or might turn without disengaging the latch bolt. Parts inside the lockset can be broken, which affects the operation of the door. A broken door is easier to break into.

You Don't Feel Safe

On a similar note, you need a reliable, functioning door. If you don't feel like the door will operate properly, you're unlikely to feel safe. What's more, older doors tend to be flimsy. They're easier to kick in than newer models with sturdy construction.

Don't put up with an unreliable entry door. Have it replaced by a door replacement service.